SiteBoss GPS rover
All of the quality and functionality to get the job done right.

The SiteBoss GPS Rover accurately measures sites within 1cm accuracy and is packed with exclusive features to allow contractors unprecedented speed, progress, and quality control.

Acres Staked

Why Choose SiteBoss

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Alternative brand compatibility

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Half the weight and price of similar rovers

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The same accuracy at less expense and weight

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Live support call available from rover

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Simple to train on and easy to use

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Intuitive features to support your team

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All rovers equipped with tilt and 4 constellations

SiteBoss GPS rover and mobile device with SiteBoss app project staking screen

Driven by Innovation.

Committed to Quality.

SiteBoss was developed specifically to address the gaps in the construction industry. Our product offers the features you need to ensure your project’s success.
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Real Jobs, Real Success

It’s definitely an upgrade from what we used before. It’s lighter and very user friendly. The support request works well too, support got right on the phone with me and helped with what I needed.

Dana Goldberg

Owner, Pine Hill Excavation

We ordered our new siteboss rover and immediately loved its accuracy and simple functionality. As an owner with fairly significant gps experience with other platforms I was blown away with the ability to teach a new employee how to consistently stake points, lines, and cuts & fills with little to no struggle. In less then a couple weeks he is already laying a majority of the site out himself with a high level of accuracy and consistency. Absolutely can not say enough positive feedback on this new product and am already looking forward to what they have to offer in the future.

Justin Parker

Owner, Parker Excavation

You’re only 24 hours away from unboxing your SiteBoss

SiteBoss GPS rover
SiteBoss GPS Rover

News, Product Releases & Events

GPS in construction staking applications hasn’t changed much in the past 20+ years. Back then, a “loaded” rover was $30k. Sure, the antenna had
On Thursday, June 29th SiteBoss released its newest version 1.0.6. This release increases compatibility with additional CAD platforms used for data prep. It also
The SiteBoss team had a great experience at Conexpo in Las Vegas this year! We saw lots of familiar faces, as well as new
SiteBoss took to Las Vegas to officially launch their Foreman Rover at Conexpo, North America’s largest construction trade show, this past March. It is

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