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There once was a GPS distributor and a team of guys with decades of construction gps staking and machine control experience. They installed hundreds of GPS systems and expertly trained their customers. They built thousands of 3D data models and implemented them in the GPS layout equipment they sold. They took tens of thousands of support calls, working hard and listening to provide a solution, not just a product…

site model

Still, they were frustrated.

Frustrated with the size, weight, and complexity of the GPS rovers. Frustrated that with all the different GNSS brands they represented, the manufacturers purposely prevented the product from being compatible, trying to deter them from selling other brands even when it made more sense for their customers. Frustrated with how unjustifiable the equipment was just because of the logo it wore… 

One Day...

The GPS distributor and his team decided they could do it better and finally give their customers what they’ve been asking for. A GPS rover that is:

So, they went to work and the SiteBoss GPS Rover was born.

SiteBoss GPS rover

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