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The SiteBoss Super GPS

The SiteBoss Super: The Earthwork GPS World’s Swiss Army Knife

When it comes to integrating GPS into everyday workflows, two major challenges often hold sitework contractors back from experiencing its benefits: the complexity of implementation and the cost of a dedicated GPS staffer. Many contractors might think, “I can’t afford a dedicated GPS staffer like my larger competitors. How can I compete in the same market?” The cost of GPS and the staff required to maintain it was simply too expensive for some contractors, leaving many to wonder why the cost of GPS hasn’t decreased like most technologies. Why was GPS still so complicated to use, requiring dedicated staffers as a significant additional expense?

Construction Layout Shouldn’t be Expensive

Quality construction GPS equipment should NOT cost as much as a work truck, and paying a surveyor or engineer exorbitant amounts of money to come out (on their time, mind you, which is rarely if ever expedient), is extremely inefficient. Contractors are always looking for the most cost-effective ways to perform construction layout.

The SiteBoss Super: Your GNSS Solution

Enter the SiteBoss Super, a highly compatible base OR rover solution with a price point you’ll have to see to believe. Cutting edge technology combined with conveniently simplistic software and unmatched support make this a revolutionary solution in the GPS equipment market.

Advantages of the Super as a Base Station

As a base station, the SiteBoss Super can broadcast GPS corrections via radio, cellular RTK network, or both simultaneously. This means that if a contractor has multiple job sites within a few miles radius or just a long enough road job that exceeds radio range, the base can be set on one project and remain there even if the rover is being used on another. With the ability to broadcast all four sets of constellations (satellites), you will receive network RTK quality accuracy over almost unbelievably long baselines.

Advantages of the Super as a Rover

As a rover, the SiteBoss Super is the perfect partner for an excavator 3D machine control system. With just one Super antenna, contractors can seamlessly switch between machine and on-the-ground GNSS rover functionality. This is not only convenient, but also makes getting into a 3D excavator system more affordable than ever. The Super’s internal cellular modem allows it to communicate directly with both the machine and an RTK network, eliminating the need for an on-site base without sacrificing accuracy.

Discover the SiteBoss Super GPS Rover

The days of high cost and unnecessarily complicated GPS equipment are over, replaced by affordability, efficiency, and ease-of-use. With the SiteBoss Super GPS antenna, the possibilities are endless. For more information, or to schedule a demo, please visit

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