Why SiteBoss?

SiteBoss GPS rover with tablet showing project staking screen in the SiteBoss app

It’s Made for This.

Finally, a GPS rover designed solely for construction layout by a company with decades of construction layout and GPS field experience.

The Foreman GPS Rover


Focused on Support

Send a support request right from your rover. Choose support from your distributor or the manufacturer. Get a call from a SiteBoss trainer and connect with them as they view your screen. How-to video library to get a quick refresh training. You can even get data prepped, models built and projects loaded remotely right from the manufacturer.

GPS Should be Easy

It should not take hours to teach a new user how to use GPS. Via simplified commands, concepts and intuitive menus get a new guy up and running in an hour or less.

Rovers Should be Light

Tipping the scales at only 4.5 pounds the SiteBoss Foreman rover is about half the weight of most popular rovers on the market.

GPS Can be Compatible

Tired of being told since you purchased GPS that you must continue to purchase that brand? With standard file types, UHF radios and cellular modems included in every unit you can buy what you want.

GPS Should be Affordable

Why is GPS so expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Manufacturers keep adding features to justify their prices never decreasing. SiteBoss Foreman rover includes all constellations, tilt technology, ease of use and compatibility. Loaded for $15k.

SiteBoss GPS Rover

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SiteBoss GPS rover and mobile device with SiteBoss app project staking screen

GPS Rover

Fully equipped


GPS Base

Fully equipped


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