Construction Staking - It's Time for a Change

Construction Staking – It’s Time for a Change

GPS in construction staking applications hasn’t changed much in the past 20+ years. Back then, a “loaded” rover was $30k. Sure, the antenna had a cable running to the data collector, it worked on GPS only satellites and communicated with a radio. But, in contrast to other techs the evolution of these products and more importantly its price point has been grossly stagnant. Why don’t GPS distributors change this?  Because they’re all profiting… a lot. 

Introducing the SiteBoss GPS solution, the construction world’s FIRST affordable, compatible, and easy-to-use GPS rover. 

The inception of this ground-breaking idea came, in part, from many years of frustration in dealing with the “corporate model”: focus on rebranding, distribution and telling users they need the latest (least expensive to develop) features instead of evolving their product’s quality and listening to their customer’s needs. (such as the need for multi brand compatibility). Once sold, and out of the manufacturer’s hands, the slate is wiped clean and the “on to the next” mentality begins.  It’s a vicious cycle that benefits few while exploiting many, and the contractor is no exception. 

 The SiteBoss Rover solution has quite literally cut the price of construction layout equipment in half, while setting a new standard of usability and support.  In fact, SiteBoss is easier to use, better supported, lighter, more compatible, and less expensive than any other comparably equipped construction GPS rovers on the market. .

Making the end users feel like they offer the only viable solution is just one of the many misleading strategies that the “heavy hitting” manufacturers have been utilizing for decades.  Adding near useless features and frills to maintain the exorbitant cost of their equipment, then leaving it solely in the hands of third-party companies to provide solutions when problems inevitably arise, is their bread and butter.  

With SiteBoss, direct relationships between the manufacturer and customer (that’s right, the manufacturer support can be requested right from the rover) is the only way that business is conducted.  Product training has been cut from hours to minutes, is often not needed, and can be done remotely by combining onboard telematic software with a phone call.

Being half the cost of popular comparably equipped construction GPS solutions is only the beginning of the savings potential.  The simplistic functionality and reliability offered by SiteBoss will save an incalculable amount of cost associated with labor.  No more depending on your outsourced surveyor’s schedule or the only employee that can run your current complex construction GPS equipment.  With SiteBoss, what used to cost thousands of dollars in fees and hours, if not days, in wait-time can now be done in minutes by even the most technologically challenged of workers.

For these reasons, and many others, it’s a no-brainer to consider SiteBoss today. Because we have long been considering you.

Get SiteBoss for your next project.